Gay Men’s Health and Beauty by Thonglor Clinic

Gay Men’s Health and Beauty by Thonglor Clinic

Thailand, where most men believe they have reached Nirvana and have been reborn in Paradise.

Most of us arrive here and are amazed by the beautiful men that abound in this country. Mother Nature has been generous towards Thai men. They don’t seem to be aging in the same way as Caucasians. Their facial structures seem to hold much better, bodies remain toned and lean.Their skin flawless and smooth.

Every visitor to Thailand wants to be able to interact with these natural beauties….and the hunt is on for the perfect body,…for the love of your life.

To get here, lots of work had to be done, tiring hours have left marks on most of us.

Back in the home country most of us would not get a second look from the younger men that our hearts long for. But here age does not seem to be an insurmountable obstacle. We are only reminded of it when we pass the mirror. And there will always be mirrors!

But! What has happened to me?  All these years of working hard and partying have taken their toll on my body. How do I turn the clock back and reverse the signs of aging? Regain my youth now and forever!

Cosmetic Science has made tremendous improvements over the years and Thailand offers us the opportunity to have a makeover at reasonable costs and with expert hands.

All the tell tale signs of aging, wrinkles and crow’s feet can be erased with the magic of Botox within a few minutes of almost painless treatment. Smooth facial features, a forehead without all the worried look and smiles without  these “character lines” is within reach of almost everyone. Deeper wrinkles can be filled with safe hyaluronic acid fillers. Effects are immediate and last many months if not years without the complications associated with permanent fillers.  As we age our cheeks become more  hollowed and sometimes a gaunt look replaces  the plumpness from our youth . Further more serious health problems also can lead to lack of facial volume. Toxins can be drained from our bodies. Homeopathic medicines can teach our bodies on how to repair and cure itself. Lifeless skin on our faces can be revived with gentle laser treatments to promote new collagen formation and give a better tone to sagging areas. One of the newest procedures to reach the array of treatments  is the non surgical face lifting offered by the Ultra V Lift technique. All this can be incorporated during a short holiday. Returning home with more than souvenirs but a refreshed look and a renewed love life.

For the more serious aesthetic conscientious, face lifts and eyelid surgeries are also more affordable in Thailand than in most home countries. Some procedures can be done under local anesthetics and recovery is very quick so not to intrude on this precious holiday time. You can reshape your body with the new tickle lipo where excessive fatty deposits are removed and the stubborn love handles that no gym exercises will shift can disappear in a few hours.

Other sexual problems also tend to preoccupy us as time passes. Sexual health is important to be able to enjoy a fuller life. We can offer some solutions.

Thonglor Clinic prides itself in offering carefully tailored services to the gay men visiting or living in Thailand. Our doctors will listen to your questions and offer the best solutions to your demands. Our surgeons will consider and advise you on the best surgical options to regain a youth full look and restore the damages caused by time. You will find our services in 2 convenient locations:  in Bangkok on Soi Thonglor and in Jomtien on Theppraya road a few minutes away from the Jomtien Complex.

Our staff speaks multiple languages and will very attentively attend to your needs. Our management always searches for the latest techniques and medications available n the market. Your health is our concern. Consultations are free and with no obligations. We can discuss and plan your treatments discretely and offer you solutions to your problems.